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Established in 2013.

Two friends discovered that both of us were vaping, Justin was using the EGo type device and I was using an 808 disposable system, and I hated my 808 system as it was costing me almost as much as smoking. After several discussions with Justin, he convinced me to try an Ego system too, wow what a difference.

With this in common and lots of conversations about E-cigretts and eliquid, how it is made and so on. We were both doing lots of research to learn more and more about vaping before we knew it we were mix our own eliquids and sharing them back and fourth, buying new products and playing with them.

We also learned that we both had very diverse business backgrounds in many areas of business, both of us with many success story's and a few failures under our belt, with many common goals.

After about a year and a half we decided to start JB Vapes LLC and develop our own brand of E-liquid, now known as Lizard Liquid and Mythology Vape.